CH7466CE DynDNS and Port Forwarding

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Hi, I would like to clarify 2 doubts. The first is the DynDNS option. I can not find it on my router configuration page ( page 30).


Router Menu


The second question is about port forwarding. How do I configure both TCP and UDP forwarding to a single machine? I was able to add the MAC address to my MAC address, but it did not work.


Port forwarding error


This is the Software Version I'm using: CH7466CE-


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You have to distinguish between services for IPv4 and IPv6. Since you get no public IPv4-address you can ignore all things about IPv4, no ddns and portforwarding.

Services for IPv6 are a little bit different. The most important difference is - every device gets its own address. That means: you need ddns for every device and you need only to open the firewall. Your router has a "switch" to open the IPv6 firewall completely. I am a little bit surprised about your screenshot with IPv6 portforwarding. This feature maybe an improvement - for a selective firewall adjustment or it maybe completely stupid nonsense with IPv6 NAT.

Thomas Schäfer